Jane Henderson
Jane Henderson is the Global President of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care Division. Jane helps the biggest global beauty brands grow their business by collaborating on product development, go-to-market strategy, and brand innovation.

Source: Mintel Beauty Innovation

Today’s amplified buzz surrounding the environmentalism movement is one major driver for the drastic change in manufacturers’ business models implemented for unveiling their beauty products in eco-friendly packaging. Additionally, Americans’ growing interest in employing green consumer practices acquired from their purchases has prompted companies to take action with promoting their brands in a green light.

Mintel’s US Green Living report finds more than half of US consumers believe people have a responsibility to care for the ecosystem, and 40% claim to use products with packaging comprised of recycled paper. When shopping for beauty and personal care items, 38% of US consumers declare purchasing or being aware of products with green attributes.

The beauty category’s once conventional green pack designs have evolved to embrace more unique eco packaging and manufacturing concepts in the last few years. Though a fairly niche trend when sized within the broader US beauty product industry, sustainability is an important packaging component that cannot be overlooked.