The future of make-up will give more space to accessories and tools, making applicators part of the product itself. New textures are also a strong focus, particularly in Asia. The evolution of jelly and water textures, as well as transforming textures, create new opportunities. Here we take a look at a few examples of the next generation of high performance make-up:

Built-in applicators and precision tools are a focus for NPD

Online tutorials make consumers savvier about professional make-up techniques, and make-up wearers are more eager to use specific and precision tools. We are already seeing brands integrate precision applicators as part of the product, but there is more room to introduce these into the mainstream to make products easier to use and create professional-looking results.

FSKorea_StampPackaging features are key for innovations in make-up

Built-in applicators and make-up tools greatly improve make-up products, making them easier to use and more professional. Packaging innovation will provide stronger offering, raising the quality and therefore price. We already see significant interest as 42% of UK women aged 16-24 are interested in packaging with built-in applicators/tools such as brushes.

What is more, giving more space to tools and brushes will create new ways to apply make-up. For example, the new FSKorea Stamping Brush Impressive is inspired by the traditional stamp design allowing foolproof coverage with the lightest products by a simple layering technique.

ABCGel and jelly, water and transforming textures are the next generation of make-up

Moisturising has become a staple benefit in colour cosmetics alongside long lasting and natural finish. Make-up manufacturers are now looking into new textures that improve each of these aspects. The next generation of make-up will focus on improving performance thanks to hybrid and new textures such as jellies and water. These textures enable claims of higher hydration levels (water-charge, bouncing, elasticity) and longer lasting, thanks to better adherence to the skin, and high coverage benefits through good spreadability of the product.

Water-based make-up offers ultra-light and highly spreadable formulation while featuring strong moisturising benefits. ABC Textures’ Aqua Foundation is a great example of this trend.

waterdropTransformative textures present key opportunities for the future of make-up

Transforming textures combine the benefits of several different textures all within one product, creating new “super-categories” of make-up. For instance, liquid textures such as cream and oil that convey high moisture and spreadability transform into a powder that gives a matte and natural skin finish. An example of this is S&J Waterdrop Foundation, a foundation stick that transforms into three consecutive textures, from a stick into a cream waterdrop texture into powder.


Emmanuelle is a Global Fragrance and Colour Cosmetics Analyst at Mintel, working across several beauty categories, with clients around the world providing trends, markets and innovation insights and analysis. She is frequently a key speaker at leading beauty tradeshows and is regularly called to contribute to international, national and trade publications.