Charlotte Libby
Charlotte is a Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance Analyst. Her expertise lie in consumer behaviour, trends and product innovation.

The Danish concept of hygge, meaning moments to relax and enjoy life, has become a buzzword in UK markets, presenting opportunities for BPC retailers and brands to align with this interest and focus on the ritual and enjoyment of beauty.

Hygge on the radar of UK consumers

The Danish Ministry of Culture describes hygge as fun, cosy and comfort combined with pleasure. Many say it cannot be translated, but points to special moments of self-awareness in a relaxed atmosphere. While hygge can be an individual activity, it is often associated with informal gatherings of family and friends in a comfortable space such as the home.

The hyggelig atmosphere reflects the simple pleasures in life and traditionally encompasses food and drink. It is said the importance of hygge in Denmark is probably connected with the Danish weather; the cold, dark and wet months call for togetherness inside. As winter descends, the opportunities for brands and retailers to offer hygge experiences for consumers grow.

Du må hygge dig (have a nice time) aligns with BPC

As evidenced by the ‘lipstick index’ in the UK, beauty products are seen as a way of treating oneself. This consumer mindset points to BPC being well placed to appeal to those interested in hygge; beauty products and their application can be considered an investment in emotional health.

In August 2016, beauty brand Sanctuary Spa launched the new #LetGo campaign, which focuses on helping consumers relax and take time for themselves. The trend has evolved in the winter months of 2016 with 58 Lifestyle announcing the launch of the Hygge Kit, which is centred around creating wellbeing and balance. The Hygge Kit contains the Balancing Ecosoy Candle, Balancing Bath Oil and Balancing Room Mist.

Beauty brands can focus product launches and marketing campaigns around the ritual of beauty products, encouraging users to take time out to enjoy the products and their results. Aromatherapy benefits can also be considered for these products, while the importance of room atmosphere also holds possibilities for the household air care sector.

As hygge becomes more popular in the UK there are opportunities for BPC brands to focus on rituals, aromatherapy and enjoyment of products to inspire purchases. The subscription box market presents an opportunity to send hygge to consumers. Combining candles and BPC products, such as comforting creams, with food and drink items, subscription boxes can deliver regular hygge moments. There also exists opportunities for spas, salons and treatment rooms to appeal with hygge themes, creating social treatment evenings.

Charlotte Libby is Senior Beauty Analyst at Mintel, collating and analysing a wide range of data on the beauty markets, including consumer trends, product sales and new innovations. Charlotte joined Mintel in 2013 as an Analyst across the Beauty & Personal Care and Household sectors and now specialises in Beauty.