Lauren Goodsitt
Lauren is a Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst at Mintel, using research to help develop innovative product concepts, understanding the beauty landscape and to apply relevant industry trends.

Women have a unique relationship with body hair: some see it as means of self-expression, a defiance from societal norms, while others do not think much of it. As body hair becomes more widely accepted, brands can create range extensions to assist consumers who are looking to groom rather than get rid of their body hair.

Social media creates a community to embrace female body hair

Today, women around the world are using social media to proudly embrace their body hair in an effort to bring body hair shaming to an end. They are altering the confines of what is considered to be ‘feminine’ based on social norms as opposed to biology. The female body hair movement is allowing women to express themselves in the way that they see fit. For some, it may be the complete removal of body hair, while others might choose to embrace and nourish their body hair.

Brands too can use social media to highlight their products that help nourish, rather than rid, their bodies of hair. Expanded product lines can help to show that brands are committed to serving all women – those who choose to keep their body hair and those who prefer to remove it.

Fur Oil is a versatile formulation that is gently antiseptic, antimicrobial, and reduces inflammation. It softens body hair, prevents ingrown hair and can be used all over the body.

Bush Oil keeps body hair soft and shiny while maintaining smooth and healthy skin. The product is recommended for hair of varying lengths.

Partner with organisations that support women’s causes

In the spring of 2017, Instagram star Amber Rose posted a racy photo of herself displaying her pubic hair to promote her annual conference and march that aims to end gender inequality. Instagram promptly removed the photo, but not before the community was able to react. The public reaction displayed a clear divide and shed light on gender inequalities regarding what is acceptable to be shown on social media. It also highlighted the number of people who support female empowerment and female body hair.

Create a place for open dialogue

2017 was a monumental year for women’s rights with campaigns such as the Women’s March gaining international attention, as an increasing number of women stood up for themselves and their rights.

Shave care brands have the ability to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable discussing their body hair. As noted in Mintel’s 2018 Beauty and Personal Care Trend Campaign Capital, brands can gain additional consumer interest by standing by a cause that is authentic to them. Social media tends to be a forum where consumers openly discuss their feelings. Brands may consider using social media to ask consumers what types of body hair maintenance products are of interest, thus creating an opening dialog and showing that they are evolving.