Amanda Caridad
Amanda is a Senior Analyst at Mintel, providing analysis, insights, and recommendations on Brazil's beauty and personal care categories. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Rio Branco University and has a specialization degree in Marketing from the University of Akron, USA.

Within the beauty category, the color cosmetics segment has been the most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to new consumer routines and habits toward makeup products. As working and studying from home have become the new normal for many, consumers have used makeup less often, and at the same time, they have invested more in skincare products. According to the Mintel research on color cosmetics, half of Brazilians have used less makeup and more facial skincare to treat skin conditions amidst the pandemic, and those consumers intend to keep this habit after the outbreak ends.

In this scenario, where makeup blurs with the facial skincare category, consumers might be interested to see skincare hero ingredients in color cosmetics. That’s the case with the Make B. Retinol H+ line from Boticário in Brazil which developed the first face foundation in the world to include exclusive double retinol in its formula. Boticário combines vegetable-based retinol extracted from the blue algae of Klamath Lake with vectored hyaluronic acid to reduces wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin’s texture and firmness by stimulating collagen synthesis. In addition, the foundation acts as an antioxidant shield, protecting the skin against UV rays and blue light. According to Mintel research on skin protection, one in five Brazilians believes that blue light can be as harmful to their skin as UV rays. In addition, one-third of Brazilians have used makeup during video conferences when working from home, which could increase the search for products that protect their skin against blue light.

Boticário’s Make B. Retinol H+ represents a breakthrough launch in Brazil and can inspire more brands to follow the example, offering solutions that meet Brazilians’ recent interest in hybrid makeup.