Vivienne Rudd
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Colour Cosmetics US Consumer AttitudesThe Market

The colour cosmetics market has proved resilient being bolstered by new product development and consumer demand. Makeup even in tough economic times is seen as an affordable indulgence which accounts for some surprising results in markets that have been particularly hit hard by the GFC. Lip and eye makeup have experienced impressive growth in the colour cosmetics category with mascara products in particular demonstrating strong performance. Lash lengthening and volumising products have also fared particularly well. Minimising cost and maximising impact is driving growth in products like mascara and eye shadow which provide an economical way to create a visual impact.

Maximising impact

Consumers are looking to make the most impact within the least amount of time and are more economically savvy about the purchases they make. The strong performance of eye and facial cosmetics can be attributed to women trading down from prestige beauty brands, looking for more economical ways to create a visual impact. Long lasting and brightening/illuminating product claims have experienced strong growth over the past year inline with consumer demand for products which deliver enduring performance.

Cosmetics with multiple purposes made up a significant portion of the products introduced during the summer of 2011. These items provide added value in that they eliminate the need to buy two different products. This is particularly important in prestige cosmetics, which has been seriously hurt by the poor economy.

The Two Faced Bronzed Have More Fun Collection, for example, both conceals pores and creates a tan appearance; Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder gives skin a sun-kissed glow while moisturizing with aloe vera.

In eye cosmetics, lash-enhancing mascaras continued to be popular. Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature 360

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