The transmission of cosmetic market trends and technology between East and West has never been one-way traffic, something that is increasingly obvious in the colour cosmetics category. Analysis from Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care analyst team reveals more about BB and CC creams…

BB creams

The most visible symbol of this fluidity is the BB cream. A staple of Asian skincare counters for more than five years, the launch of Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream unleashed a torrent of BB creams in the US and Europe. However, the positioning has altered en-route. Rather than a skincare item, BB creams in the West tend to be regarded more as multi functional make-up items and are starting to carve out new territory in retailers as a result. Exemplifying this evolution is Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream SPF 35, which is described as “offering more coverage than tinted moisturiser, but less than a foundation”. The cream is said to also offer long term hydration, brightening properties, anti-ageing action and UV protection.Cosmetics Trends_Bobbi Brown BB Cream

This is having a knock-on effect in Asia, where the multi tasking skincare properties of BB creams are increasingly accompanied by make-up claims too. Kanebo’s new Media BB Cream is a case in point. It is said to act as a make-up base and primer as well as a sunscreen, moisturiser, lotion and skin treatment, promising colour, camouflage and collagen. The inclusion of “Media” in the product name also gives a nod to the Western make-up claim of high definition.

Cosmetics Trends_Kanebo Media BB Cream

CC creams

CC cream stands for colour control, a feature of other sectors of Asian make-up. Amore Pacific’s Innisfree has introduced the concept to its Mineral Tone Changer, a powder formulated with Jeju natural mineral and organic green tea, which is said to change skin tone naturally from a warm tone to a cool tone.

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This gives just a taste of how trends are moving around the world, a theme Mintel will explore in greater detail at in-cosmetics Asia. Join Mintel’s Head of Beauty & Personal Care Insights Vivienne Rudd for a review of the hottest consumer trends, product innovations and market developments that travel the world.

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