Jane Henderson
Jane Henderson is the Global President of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care Division. Jane helps the biggest global beauty brands grow their business by collaborating on product development, go-to-market strategy, and brand innovation.

The Mintel Beauty & Personal Care team has once again teamed up with HBA and Happi to sponsor the Innovation Showcase at HBA Global Expo 2011 – a great success!

This year it was all about Down to Earth – the 2011 trend is closely linked with sustainability and addresses the practicalities of making and marketing green beauty.

If you have missed our daily product innovation demonstration and our presentation in the conference area, here a few notes on future directions:

1) Ingredients / Formulas

  • Marine – sustainably sourced algae (available suppliers from the US, France, Norway, etc.)

  • Alternatives to palm oil

  • Vegetable-based emulsifiers, renewable ethanol (blue algae, olive oil milled husks)

  • Green surfactants (natural corn, sugar-based)

2) Packaging

  • Focus on sustainable materials to reduce waste & packaging’s environmental footprint

  • Consider refillable packaging

  • Explore design options that can be re-used

  • Encourage recycling (i.e. Garnier/Eco Emballage initiative for recycling bins in the bathroom)

3) Production

  • Reduce your ‘water footprint’ / recycle water where possible

  • Use renewable energy sources