“With their household budgets under pressure, consumers are looking for bargains. Private-label cosmetics and toiletries are well placed to cater to this demand. Supermarket own-label toiletries and haircare lines have been particularly successful at convincing consumers that their quality levels have improved. With product investment and savvy PR, other categories could look forward to similar levels of positive feedback and an increase in penetration.”

  • Brid Costello, Senior Beauty Analyst

For more information, see Mintel’s report Private Label Beauty Products and Toiletries

What we’ve seen

  • A vintage year for private-label beauty and personal care, 2010 saw a 70% year-on-year increase in own-brand launches, according to Mintel GNPD. This upswing in activity is reflected in consumer purchasing habits. Almost one in five adults, for instance, picked up own-label products in the 12 months to March because they felt a greater choice was on offer than in the past.

  • In August 2011, Boots launched the “Ta-Dah” campaign for its No 7 make-up line. The campaign aimed to underscore the effectiveness of the line’s products by eschewing airbrushing and featuring models that had not had cosmetic surgery.

  • The hoopla surrounding positive scientific feedback on the effectiveness of Boots No 7’s Protect & Perfect serum in 2007 has had a long-term impact on the private-label category. The performance of own-label lines is now relatively frequently compared with their branded counterparts. In June 2011, for instance, the News of the World ran an article about a