What lies ahead...

What lies ahead…

Fear not. It’s not too late.

Log into your Mintel product website and catch up on those Consumer and CPG trends we believe will make waves in 2011. To whet your appetite, here’s just a few of the headlines you can expect to read more about this year:

  • Prepare for the worst – we’re seeing consumers hedge their bets against big disasters (job loss, medical costs) while building a budget around the mantra, “better safe than sorry”.
  • Retail rebirth – retailers need to get more creative in giving shoppers a reason to make, and enjoy, their visit.
  • No degree, no problem – consumers will continue to question higher education’s return on investment.
  • On her own terms – the recession has left many women employed in fields that are expected to flourish in the next decade meaning there’s a new balance of power: female breadwinner, male bread-buyer.

We’ve also looked ahead at what’s on the horizon for the beauty and foodservice industries. If you’re a subscriber to Mintel Beauty Innovation or Mintel Menu Insights you already have access to this thought-provoking insight.

Perfect fodder for your next team brainstorm!