According to Mintel’s latest Beauty & Personal Care research, the nail category is forecast to grow by 35% between 2010 and 2016 in the UK and experiencing the products in the store or a salon is a key factor to fuelling further growth in the category.

Bed & Nails puts manicures in a new context

The name alone of a new salon, Bed & Nails, is worthy of investigation. The nail and beauty salon, which opened in Paris this year, introduces a novel setting for manicures. The central feature of the salon is a series of beds where customers recline while having their nails done.

Inspired by the beauty salons in Indonesia where manicures take place on beds, French TV presenter Amelie Bitoun has set up her own version in Paris. Her aim is to bring a new experience to a channel which, despite the increasing numbers of nail bars and manicure salons, is characterised by bland, unimaginative spaces that lack charm or atmosphere. Partnering with her two brothers, Bitoun hopes to stand out with something different and exotic.Nail Category Innovation

Contemporary comfort

The Bed & Nails salon blends contemporary plum and grey shades with oriental decorative elements, highlighted with modern lighting and furniture. The 72m