Jane Henderson
Jane Henderson is the Global President of Mintel’s Beauty & Personal Care Division. Jane helps the biggest global beauty brands grow their business by collaborating on product development, go-to-market strategy, and brand innovation.

What was your favourite thing about the beauty sector?

Beauty is a global village and being a part of it is like working in one global team. In a year, I might work with around 1,000 brands across 30 countries. But the golden thread that runs through all those relationships is comradery – nobody lets one another down, and I have made many life-long friends. In one of the world’s few women-led industries, we might even call that solidarity. It’s a creative and innovative sector.

What excites you about the cosmetic and personal care industry?

When you think everything has been done, you realise it hasn’t. Often the simplest solutions are the most powerful. The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and this is an industry that chooses to challenge itself. I’ve seen brands turn themselves inside out to make sure that they are providing products for everybody.

In this sector, the transformative power of self-care has been all the more important in these uncertain times.

Tell us about other women who inspire you.

Many more women have inspired me in this industry than I can mention, but three in particular always come to mind.

Trinny Woodall, as an individual, is a vibrant force of nature. Her products are crafted with her signature positivity and always have an element of fun. Everything she shares with the world is honest and personal, designed to help and support an ageless woman wherever they might be in life. Her rare ability to connect with the individual across her platforms is truly uplifting.

Jue Wong, CEO at Olaplex in New York, has brought countless new ideas and brands to the mainstream and her clarity of thought and strategy in business is one of the best I’ve seen in the world. I have always believed that to be ruthlessly honest is to be ruthlessly kind – Jue clearly subscribes to the same model and is a brilliant leader, respected by all she works with.

Thirdly, Tracey Woodward is leading the charge in wellness. Tracey is authentic with a capital A, and in co-founding Modern Botany, she is the heartbeat behind the brand, which is key to anyone’s success in the industry. She lives and breathes wellness and kindness.

Jane Henderson is being celebrated as a leader in the global beauty industry in a spotlight International Women’s Day campaign from in-cosmetics, the leading international exhibition group for the personal care ingredients industry. Check out in-cosmetics on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information and to join in the #InternationalWomensDay2021 conversation.