Move over red sports car, the new remedy for a mid-life crisis…vitamins. American men are increasingly concerned with their appearance, and one category that can benefit from this is vitamins, minerals and supplements. Products that claim to help boost healthy hair and skin will resonate with the new modern man.

The Mintel Inspire Trend Man in the Mirror discusses how men are reflecting on their image, and how to express their masculinity. Modern men take pride in, and have greater confidence about, maintaining a well-groomed appearance. In conjunction with this, Mintel’s Men’s Personal Care –  2013 reports that three-quarters of male personal care product users feel more attractive when they are well-groomed.

One product category that can capitalize on this trend is vitamins, minerals and supplements. Indeed, the percentage of new product introductions that claim to be for men has increased in recent years, even while overall product introductions have declined. Vitamin launches that claim to be for women still outnumber those that are targeted to men, but focus on men will grow in coming years due to their increased interest in health, wellness, and appearance. According to Mintel, 65% of men in the US take vitamins, with usage higher among older men. To increase usage with younger men, vitamin brands have an opportunity to create products that will appeal to this age group. For example, younger men who take vitamins are more likely than average to do so for functional, short term reasons, such as boosting energy, improving memory, and improving appearance of hair, skin and nails.

Data for Mintel’s American Lifestyles  2014 reports that 58% of American men aged 18-34 plan to take better care of their personal appearance as one of their goals for 2014. Furthermore, 41% of men plan to take vitamins regularly in the next year. Clearly, the role vitamins play in overall health is understood by men, and appearance will be a growing feature of this.

To learn more about Mintel’s American Lifestyles 2014 report, click here.

Whole-Food Complexed Multivitamin

Whole-Food Complexed Multivitamin

Emily Krol has expertise is health and wellness trends, consumer research, and marketing strategy. She joined the Mintel Reports team in 2012., leveraging her knowledge across the health and wellness, household, consumer packaged goods, and beauty reports.