Irina Ene
With over five years of experience in global new product launches from mass market to prestige, Irina provides the direction for our research coordinators in covering all the beauty categories.

Consumers are showing interest in holistic approaches to beauty and health. Brands are exploring the spiritual properties of crystal healing to create beauty products with emotional benefits, creating self-care rituals that elevate topical treatments to overall well being boosters.

Despite a lack of scientific backing, new-age philosophies are gaining momentum in an environment where consumer interest in emotional and spiritual self-care is closely linked to physical and mental health and overall wellness. Following centuries of Eastern tradition, healing crystals and energy cleansing have become popular methods of promoting emotional health.

Apart from their physical exfoliating and illuminating properties, crystals and gemstones also benefit from a reputed vibrational energy that helps the user to set intentions, address fears and achieve emotional balance, offering an opportunity to incorporate them as part of modern self-care beauty routines.

Crystal tools of Eastern inspiration

The origins of crystals in skincare are found in the Gua Sha massage technique in traditional Chinese medicine, consisting of a vigorous scraping technique using tools believed to redirect energy flow and relieve tension in the muscles. The facial massage is claimed to boost lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, thus boosting elasticity and tone, smoothing wrinkles and defining the jawline. Gua Sha tools, as well as jade and rose quartz rollers, have been introduced by Western indie brands, using traditional Asian wisdom to promote a mindful beauty practice.

Credit: Goop


Credit: @Odacité Skincare

Amethyst: an increasingly popular ingredient

Amethyst is becoming increasingly common as an ingredient across multiple beauty and personal care categories, promoted for its plethora of spiritual benefits.

With products inspired by and named after precious gemstones such as citrine, lapis and emerald, Seattle-based Herbivore Botanicals was one of the first popular Western brands to offer facial rollers and Gua Sha tools. Their Crushed Amethyst Exfoliating Body Polish uses fine particles of micronised amethyst for a gentle exfoliating effect. Included for its revitalising and detoxifying energy, the gemstone – known as the “crystal queen of calmness” – recreates a royal treatment with peaceful vibrations.

SkinOwl is a skincare company that aims to allow women to feel as good as they look, leaving the users glowing inside. An Amethyst-Inspired Illuminator is a body oil that uses the power of amethyst to enhance creativity and passion, strengthen the imagination and intuition, and refine the thinking processes.

bareMinerals Crystalline Glow Highlighter Stick is infused with Mineral Moonbeam Essence, composed of crushed moonstone, mother of pearl, amethyst and sapphire, and inspired by the dynamic way that light reflects off crystals.

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