Paul Davies
Category Director - (UK Reports), Leisure, Travel and Foodservice

With ownership of tablets and smartphones well and truly on the rise, the digital revolution is here to stay. We take a look at the latest and greatest insights from the UK digital world this spring, examining changes in device ownership and consumer attitudes towards digital advertising.

1. Growing device ownership

Gone are the days of classifying your devices as ‘mobile’, as smartphones and tablets are now known to facilitate different online behaviours – the latter quickly becoming the ‘home of entertainment’. This is backed up by the fact that consumers are now more likely to have access to a tablet computer compared to the start of 2012, with the device now present in 44% of UK homes. However, there are no signs of the market maturing, suggesting greater potential for growth.

2. Different devices for different needs

Though tablets have become increasingly popular, in fact, consumers are even more likely to have access to a laptop now than they were at the start of 2012 (85% vs 81%), as they hold onto multiple technology products. Mintel’s research reveals that 26% of households own all three types of computers (desktop, laptop and tablet) as consumers utilise a device based on their different needs and locations.

3. Digital Transparency

Over the past three months, some 42% of internet users have clicked on a digital advert (banners, sponsored links, social media ads to name a few) and whilst personalised ads have proven to be effective, the majority of consumers are protective about their online information. Mintel’s research reveals 58% of UK consumers claim they feel uncomfortable with the idea of brands using their browsing history for targeting. Brands should therefore be more open with consumers when it comes to data sharing, in order to reduce their privacy concerns.

For more on digital trends this Spring, see Mintel’s Digital Trends Spring UK 2014 report, here.

Paul is a Senior Leisure and Technology Analyst at Mintel. Prior to joining Mintel in 2012, Paul held marketing roles within the Consumer Electronics sector for retailers such as Comet as well as manufacturing companies including Binatone Telecom PLC.