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In this end-of-the-year round-up, we have compiled our very own A to Z of the hottest topics that shaped the way consumers think, shop, eat and groom in 2018 – backed with bold, forward-thinking analysis from Mintel experts. From the Scandi ‘lagom’ trend to the chocolatey dirty bread craze, have a look back at the past 12 months of Mintel research.

A: After South Korea and Japan, Australian beauty is emerging as a rising star thanks to its indigenous plant-based ingredients.

B: With Mintel research showing that 23% of Brits fail to brush their teeth twice a day, Breakfast products can kill two birds with one stone by filling consumers up and freshing their breath instantaneously.

C: When Japan introduced a Colourless Coca-Cola, we looked at why transparent versions of food and drink can be just as disruptive as more ostentatiously coloured innovations.

D: Dirty bread is the latest bakery craze from Asia, involving selfies and a dangerously high amount of cocoa powder!

E: Beauty brands are increasingly catering to consumers’ Emotions and overall wellbeing, be it through crystal therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

F: The Fortnite craze has just begun: marketers are starting to pick up on the popular game and we expect more partnerships and initiatives in the months to come.

G: Globalisation was a key topic at this year’s US Money 20/20, the leading financial services conference about the future of payments, which our analysts reported from.

H: Think nothing’s going on in the Homecare sector? Think again! We’ve distilled the most disruptive innovations in the industry, like the use of probiotics in cleaning products.

I: Gone are the days of bland soft serve: the perfect Ice cream is a mythical beast expected to be moreish and indulgent, while having a permissible health halo.

J: In the name of beauty from within, collagen-enriched Juice drinks are offering brands a new path to explore in the functional beverages space.

K: You heard it here first: K-beauty’s soothing cica creams went from fairly unknown products to mainstream launches from brands like Kiehl’s, L’Oreal and Lancôme

L: Ever heard of Lagom? The philosophy at the heart of Scandinavian beauty routines means “not too much, not too little” and invites consumers to live a balanced, proportioned life.

M: Unable to open a can of tuna, afraid to touch raw meat and too lazy to leave their home. What else have Millennials been up to in the past year?

N: As the Natural hair trend continues to spread around the world, Black consumers are adopting styles and maintenance habits in order to achieve their desired look.

O: Rising concern around animal welfare is creating Opportunities for prepared meal brands to formulate with ethically raised meat.

P: On Pi (π) Day, we suggested 3.14 lessons financial brands can learn from Pi, including being more… rational!

Q: Confused about the way grocery retailing is rapidly changing? No worries, we have an answer to all your Questions!

R: Faith-based Retailing is growing in Indonesia, with sharia-based shops putting pressure on secular retailers to rethink their range of products to better cater to Muslim consumers.

S: While Italy was getting ready to open its first Starbucks, we analysed why the coffee-conscious Italian market had been ready for a while to welcome the American chain.

T: Texture has been a big buzzword at Mintel in the past year, ever since we talked about consumers’ desire for new sensations in food and drink. But how is chocolate adapting to the trend?

U: As ownership of pets keeps growing, aircare offers an Untapped opportunity to address issues like pet hair shedding and unpleasant smells.

V: Of course the letter V could only be Veganism, but how can the beauty industry adapt to better serve plant-based lifestyles?

W: As period poverty keeps making headlines in the media, we look at What exactly is being done to tackle the problem.

X: Ok, this is slightly cheating, but here are 10 (X) innovative beers tapping into new opportunities.

Y: As we near the end of a successful Year, we look back at the product launches, new initiatives, clients events and trade shows that helped shape Mintel’s growth in 2018.

Z: Proving that Zero-waste is no unreachable utopia, we speak to Michelin-starred Simon Rogan, the British chef revolutionising foodservice with his sustainable ethos.