Borja Valladolid
Trend Analyst responsible for writing Trend Observation content covering the mainland Europe region.

With most of Europe on lock down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, brands across the region are offering free memberships and products until April 2020 to encourage people to stay indoors. 

Source: Getty Images

What we’ve seen

In Italy, Pornhub and xHamster are handing out free pornography subscriptions. In Spain, the telecommunications brand Movistar is offering free children’s TV channels such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon through its Movistar+ app. In addition, Hearst Spain has announced it will be offering free access to magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Mobile operators such as Orange and Movistar are also offering 30GB of data free of charge to clients. DPlay+, Discovery’s premium subscription streaming service, is giving access to content from its pay-TV brands for a month to Italian customers.


Why it matters

Brands are offering a helping hand in order to ease staying indoors, putting consumers’ wellbeing first. Offering free content stimulates consumers and helps put minds at rest amidst mass hysteria. This shows how brands are reinforcing ethical practices, supporting and reassuring consumers during uncertain times.

What’s next

We are seeing brands prioritise people and the planet over their own profitability, as mentioned in Mintel’s Trend Driver Value. With society facing mass uncertainty and concern, brands will continue to connect with consumers through positivity. Digital media, entertainment and ecommerce brands will reach peak demand and greater audiences, with many adapting to changing consumer needs and circumstances. This will positively impact corporate image and reputation, as they will be putting consumers first and showing their morals and ethics.