Coors Light’s branding is normally reflective of snow covered mountains and a frosty beer can, but lately Coors is reaching out to its increasing Millennial and Hispanic consumer groups and creating something more reminiscent of a warm summer day. Coors Light’s first-ever extension, new Summer Brew, is infused with a blend of natural citrus flavors and includes a new can design that features citrus-inspired colors — bright oranges and yellows — over Coors Light’s signature Rocky Mountain backdrop.

The brew is targeted to multicultural consumers, created specifically to attract Latino drinkers to the franchise. Mintel data finds Hispanics are the top consumers of light or low-calorie domestic beers, like Coors Light. Additionally, the majority of respondents aged 22-34 agree they like to choose different alcoholic drinks depending on the season.

Beer’s competition has expanded beyond the beer category, forcing brands to target fast-growing markets, such as multicultural consumers, to grow their business. Hispanic and Millennials’ high light beer consumption and desire for seasonal offerings fits well with Coors Light’s Summer Brew introduction. Mintel finds 54% of Hispanics and two thirds (66%) of respondents aged 25-34 agree seasons influence their alcoholic beverage purchases. This suggests that younger adult Hispanics may be searching for refreshing, flavorful brews for summer and Coors intends to cash in on this growing market.

Elizabeth Sisel is a beverage analyst at Mintel where she is responsible for writing monthly analysis reports providing strategic insight and consultancy across several categories, including alcohol, non-alcohol, and beverage packaging.