The holidays have always been a time of celebration, and brands have always sought to grab the attention of people during this time. Some brands are trying this with massive price cuts, or door-busting limited-time offers. Others look to connect to a deep set of emotions. Nostalgia has been one of the big tools to do this. And the holidays are fertile ground for such imagery and sentiment. It’s easy to retreat to images, ideas and flavors that create a sense of security and warmth.

Of course, there are also brands that attempt to conjure up something different for the holidays. Instead of asking people to look back to something, they’re using this time of celebration to create a new product and experience, twisting and blurring categories.

Samuel Adams is one such brand. Of course, this brewer has always used the changing of the seasons to add some spice to its product lineup. The brewer’s website states, “Just as the seasons change, so too do beer tastes. The idea of brewing beers to match the seasons dates back for centuries