Consumer awareness in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in Singapore is, like most places, increasing. Whilst obesity is a global issue, initiatives like the Singaporean government’s campaign to highlight the dangers of popular greasy and salty hawker foods are all contributing to the overall awareness of the need for a healthier lifestyle and body image.

One of the trends growing out of this movement is fruit and veg, or rather the detox juices that are made from them.

Within the first three months of 2014, at least five juice cleanse businesses sprung up in Singapore each offering cold pressed, fresh mixes of raw and organic fruit, veg, nuts, herbs and spices.

The liquid detox packages are customisable to each individual customers’ needs. For those who are just starting out on their juice cleanse adventure, programmes come complete with detox guides to make it easier. While for the hardened veterans, packages allow them to ‘go green’ by including only vegetable based juices.

Not only are the ingredients wholesome, but also the cold press method is considered the healthier choice in comparison to conventional blenders with high spin blades. Why? Well, with the cold press there is no centrifugal system, and the lack of blades means that frictional heat is not generated, so the enzymes are not denatured, and the vital nutrients and minerals are not destroyed. Hence the juice contains as much goodness as it possibly could. And these new brands are making sure that people know this.

A number of these colourful juices have been launched with additional benefits; berry based juices for example, are loaded with antioxidants. And this trend is only expected to grow given the awareness around the need for healthier juices, and healthier food and drinks in general.

Beauty Cleanse is one of these newly flourishing juice detox brands offering a range of programmes. Their Beauty Boost juice cleanse kit is designed with skin complexion in mind. It includes 6 bottles of juices per day including 1 nut milk, a beauty cleanse cooler bag and supplements (if preferred) to further support the cleansing process, including flaxseed oil, spirulina, green superfoods, liver support capsules, acai berry and colosan powder.

Another is Lucky You Cleanse from DIY home cleansing to juicing business founder, Heidy Jameel. Starting up in Australia, she travelled to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute to learn more about the art of healthy eating. Five years later she brought the brand to Singapore and through a number of celebrity endorsements and mouth to mouth referrals, Lucky You Cleanse has been a strong driving force in the growth of this juicy trend.

Manufacturers need to be mindful of the blossoming liquid detox trend, and the move towards healthier drinks in general. Consumers will eventually look for detox benefits within their supermarket shelf brands as well. There are, and will continue to be, opportunities for innovation around juices that help with cleansing, weight loss and beauty enhancement.

Avanthi Ravindran is a Senior Trend and Innovation Consultant for the SE Asia and India regions and joined Mintel in 2013. Avanthi has over seven years of experience across consumer research and brand consulting. Formerly, she worked with Millward Brown Singapore on customised quantitative research studies. Her areas of experience include copy testing, U&As, brand tracking, conjoint studies, segmentation analysis and concept testing.