Honorata Jarocka
As a Senior Food & Drink Analyst, Honorata delivers actionable insight on food and drink trends and innovation, with a particular interest in health and wellness.

Being viewed as increasingly innovative, the Polish food and drink market witnessed a wave of inspirational food and drink launches throughout 2015.

Here, Honorata Jarocka, Food and Drink Analyst, identifies ten of the most innovative new food and beverage products launched in Poland last year and shares her thoughts on what makes them so appealing…

Honorata Jarocka is Food and Drink Analyst for Poland at Mintel, focusing on food categories with a particular interest in health and wellness trends, as well as product innovation. With almost a decade of experience in market research, Honorata has analysed various sectors in Poland, including packaged food, beauty and personal care, home care, consumer health, and pet care products.