Sally Wu
Sally Wu is a Senior Insights Analyst at Mintel based in the Shanghai office. She manages consulting projects and delivers Insight presentations.

At the recent 2018 Taiwan’s Next Food Generation Seminar – Meet the Future (遇見 X 預見 台灣食品新世代 2018趨勢研討會), Mintel shared insights on global food and drink trends and innovative products related to the ever-changing consumer lifestyle.

While there have been many product innovations in Taiwan’s local food and drink market, here we highlight three that showcase global growth potential.

Ancient Ingredients – Purple Tiger Black Tea with Turmeric

Native to parts of Asia, turmeric has long been used in Ayurveda medicine and Asian cuisine. It is associated with health benefits such as reducing inflammation and treatment for indigestion. Taking inspiration from traditional Asian medicine in developing functional drinks relates to the Mintel’s 2017 Global Food & Drink Trend ‘In Tradition We Trust’. Ancient remedies with connections to history provide an inherent element of trustworthiness that consumers long for in today’s market.

Purple Tiger Black Tea with Turmeric claims to provide a natural and earthy flavour with a blend of the slightly bitter taste of turmeric and freshness of High-mountain tea. It retails in a pack of 10 x 3g pyramid tea bags, and features the Shortlisted Foodservice Quality Awards 2017 logo.

Purple Tiger Black Tea with Turmeric, Taiwan, 2017

Natural Formula – Smile 99 Quinoa Soy Milk Drink

For today’s connected consumers, plant ingredients that provide more nutrients and health benefits align better with consumers’ wellness priority. Quinoa is loaded with protein, dietary fibre, and minerals, making it a superfood for weight control and digestive health. Compared to other grains, such as wheat or rice, quinoa is gluten-free and considered a better source of energy. It offers high quality nutrition and an earthy flavour. The preference for natural and nutrient-rich beverages is guiding consumers in seeking plant-based formulas, as discussed in Mintel’s 2017 Global Food & Drink Trend ‘Power to the Plants’.

Smile 99 Quinoa Soy Milk Drink is formulated with white and red quinoa, non-GMO soy bean, and Taiwan Pen-Lai flour. The product features double plant protein formula with quinoa and soybean, providing high quality protein for easy absorption. The drink is vegan and free from cholesterol, artificial pigment, or other preservatives. Smile 99 Quinoa Soy Milk Drinks are now available in no added sugar and coconut sugar varieties. The product is suitable for vegetarian and cholesterol-sensitive consumers.

Smile 99 Quinoa Soy Milk Drinks, Taiwan, 2017

Authenticity – Wei-Chuan Pingtung Farmer Squeeze Lemonade and Kumquat Lemonade

Leveraging local sourcing and telling the provenance story of raw material helps brands to convey authenticity in engaging today’s consumers. While locally-made products reassure consumers on product safety and purity, benefits are not limited to the increasing local employment, environmental impact, and cost-saving. Using resources from the local environment and working with local producers are related to Mintel’s 2018 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend ‘Playing Mother Nature’.

Wei-Chuan Pingtung Farmer Squeeze Lemonade and Kumquat Lemonade are produced with 100% ingredients sourced from local farmers in Pingtung, Taiwan, known as the ‘City of Sunshine’. It claims to be whole lemon extract and provide a fresh taste of citrus. The product also features a simple ingredient list of fruit juice, water, and sugar. The product range comes in two flavours, lemonade and kumquat lemonade, and retails in a 375ml carton.

Weichuan Pingtung Farmer Squeeze Juice, Taiwan, 2017