Alex Beckett
Global Food & Drink Analyst, Alex is responsible for tracking consumer and innovation trends in a wide range of categories including ice cream and bottled water.

Who are the most passionate cooks in the UK? According to latest research from Mintel on the in-home cooking habits of Brits, it looks like regionally, the most passionate cooks live in the South East and East Anglia, with 44% of those living there cooking from scratch most days.

Yorkshire and Humberside (42%), the South West and Wales (40%), East and West Midlands (39%), North and Scotland and London (38% respectively) and the North West (33%) follow.

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Overall, two fifths of adults cook from scratch most days (eg using raw vegetables, meat), but the figures fall  to 27% of 16-24s and rise to over half (54%) of over-55s. This disparity appears to correlate with confidence levels in the kitchen, as 16-24s are least likely to have a confident perception of cooking and over-65s the most confident.