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On this week’s episode, Mintel analysts sit down to discuss the current food and drink startup landscape. With the global pandemic creating major shifts in consumer behaviours and buying habits, is there still a focus on new experiences when it comes to food and drink or are consumers looking for familiarity and comfort – and how is that playing out across various food and drink sectors, the use of flavours and ingredients, and brand preference? There is no doubt that it is a challenging time for food and drink startups and small businesses, but there are also key opportunities in the short, medium, and long term with consumer behaviour at the core of future potential.


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Dana Macke (host)
Associate Director, Mintel Reports US, Lifestyles and Leisure


Caleb Bryant
Associate Director, Food and Drink, Mintel Reports US


Emma Allmann
Junior Analyst, Mintel Disruptor


Jack Duckett
Associate Director, Consumer Lifestyles, Mintel Reports UK