The holiday season at my household means there will be plenty of family and friends who will fill the house with joy and great food. It also means a grandiose mess for me to clean up; it’s bad luck to usher in the New Year with a dirty house–I’m not superstitious, but what if Grandma was right?

The house should smell of pine trees and gingerbread cookies but quite frankly if it doesn’t smell of bleach then my family won’t know that I cleaned. In all of these years it never dawned on me that this is a cultural trait and not my own obsession for a clean house.

Through our recently published report on Hispanics consumers and their household product purchasing habits, I discovered that I’m not the only Latina with a love for bleach! It was also comforting to learn that I’m not the only one who over indexes on the consumption of laundry detergent. This is not just about larger household size and more loads of laundry; it’s about sneaking in another half-cap of detergent into every load and contributing to the bottom line of this industry. Although there has been a slight decline in the U.S. population’s total expenditures on household cleaning and laundry products over the last five years, Hispanics’ expenditures on these products have increased by more than $325 million from 2007-12.

What factors are of primary importance to Hispanic consumers when choosing household products?

Much of the conversation in the last few years has been on Hispanics’ loyalty to brands, but the downturn in the economy has been a game changer. Although we see many Hispanics trading down to less expensive brands or to private label, not every category has been impacted as much as household products. Gaining greater understanding of what Hispanic consumers look for when purchasing various household products will help marketers appeal to Hispanic consumers. Keeping in mind that Hispanics have larger households than non-Hispanics, this is one category in which brands can’t afford not to engage with this consumer group.

What factors are of primary importance to Hispanic consumers when choosing household products? Which are the most popular household goods used? To answer these questions and for more insights on the spending power of multicultural consumers you can dowload our exclusive info-graphic or contact us here.