How many times have we said it… “my diet starts Monday.” Then Tuesday rolls around and you help yourself to a slice of cake… uh oh. I guess “my diet starts Monday, again!”

We all have so many reasons why we don’t eat healthy or workout more and Mintel’s latest report on Fitness Centers touches on some of these all-too-familiar reasons.Fitness

When asked why people don’t have a health and fitness club membership the majority (47%) felt it was too expensive and they couldn’t afford it. Just over one-third of respondents said it’s not worth the money and 28% said they don’t enjoy exercising at the gym. Meanwhile, only 14% said they would feel out of place in a health and fitness club.

I was surprised more people didn’t claim that as their reason. I know that’s mine. I have major gym -anxiety! Not sure why, exactly. I mean, I grew up playing sports and being generally active, but for some reason as soon as I pull into the parking lot of a gym, I become a bit sheepish. Are my workout clothes appropriate, will I know how to use the equipment, will the color of my shirt show too much sweat?! I feel like people are staring at me…and not in the good way!

So, do you belong to a fitness center…and if not, what’s your reason?