Isabella Palacios
Isabella is a Senior Client Service Manager. She uses her expertise in market research to understand the application of global trends in the Latin American food industry.

From liquid salt to chili peppers with spirulina, the 35th Expo ANTAD & Alimentaria in Guadalajara, Mexico gathered unique products from different regions and flavors that capture the Mexican palate. Here, we highlight innovative products made in Mexico that showcase some of the most interesting trends in the food and drink industry that were featured at the show.

AvoWater Bebida de Aguacate

A 100% natural avocado drink with peppermint and lemon that claims to hydrate and revitalize. The product is made with 100% Mexican lemons and avocados, and the bottles are made out of avocado bones which degrade 400 times faster than PET.

Bimbo Gummy Yummy Sabor Flan Rellenas Sabor Caramelo

Bimbo has launched a new sweet gummies brand called Gummy Yummy, adding another confectionery brand to its portfolio. As part of the Gummy Yummy range, they’ve introduced flan flavored gummies that are also shaped to resemble a traditional Mexican flan.

Alguín Chile

Alguin Chile combines traditional tangy and spicy chili powder with spirulina. In fact, 20% of the product is made out of spirulina.  What’s more, the flavors are so well mixed that you will not even notice that you are eating algae.

OKKO Super Foods Honey and Cocoa Rice Cakes

OKKO brings convenience to healthy eating with its delicious rice cakes snack pack. Each pack includes two rice cakes that contain quinoa and wholegrain rice, plus two sachets of either cocoa with honey or just honey to spread on top of the cakes.

Don Cano Jícama y Pepino con Chile

While dehydrated fruits with chili such as pineapple, berries and mango are very common in Mexico, dehydrated vegetables and tubers such as cucumber and jicama are still niche. Don Cano has brought traditional Mexican staples to a category that rarely sees innovation with products that are positioned as healthy snacks.

Metlixcalli MezcaMix

MezcaMix is a natural and artisanal ready to drink alcoholic beverage. It is made of distilled agave and mix with grapefruit and orange juice, chili, lemon, and maguey worm salt, bringing pure Mexican flavor into one bottle.


Pegaso Sal de Mar Liquid Salt

Pegaso Liquid Sea salt is an excellent solution for those who enjoy the flavor of salt, but are weary of the harmful effects on the body. The product is made with 100% natural sea salt and contains 90% less sodium than regular sea salt.

Tuny Kids Mac & Cheese

This on-the-go yellowfin tuna with cheese flavored pasta is ideal for kids since it offers all the benefits of tuna, which include omega 3 and 6, but the pungent flavor of the tuna is mitigated with the flavor and texture of the pasta, making it perfect for kids’ palates. The brand also showcased its Tuny Sport, said to be ideal for athletes because it is enriched with amino acids, l-carnitine, and vitamins and minerals.

Pioneros Arándano Salsa Gourmet

Pioneros mission is to create experiences with a taste of Mexico. Among their wide array of salsas, the brand offers a cranberry salsa made with sesame seeds, chili, blackberries, and cranberries.


Del Sartén Quesadita

Del Sartén Quesadita are on-the-go microwaveable quesadillas. They come in a bag with an innovative technology that prevents that the product gets soggy on the microwave.


Agua de Coco 8°

This product only uses green coconuts in order to conserve all of its properties. As the coconut water category has become more competitive, 8° is also trying to differentiate itself through the use of an unconventional package—a standup pouch—to make it easier to drink, according to the manufacturer.

Molina Postre Licioso Cocoa Natural

The package of this natural cocoa powder with antioxidant benefits might be creatively colorful, but it is a good example of the “essentialist” design principle that bridges the divide between not enough and just enough of what’s essential for consumers to make an enlightened and confident purchasing decision.