Simon Moriarty
Simon is the EMEA Director of Trends, responsible for content, client servicing and commercial support across the region.

Inspire is all set to relaunch in a few months’ time – and there are lots of things to get excited about:

  • New content: trends, observations, what’s nexts and blogs are still present and correct, but we are also introducing new types of content that explicitly focus on application within different industries. In other words, what does Inspire mean for me, in my business, today?
  • New look: it’s not just the content that’s changing. The site has been given a complete cosmetic and functional overhaul, so it looks better than ever and works much more intuitively.
  • Training and workshops: ahead of launch, there will be plenty of internal training and workshops that will help people get comfortable with the new features ahead of taking Inspire out to clients and prospects.
  • Regular updates: a key part of the new Inspire will be the regular review of content, showing how trends and their implications have changed over the preceding period. This is hugely important because it helps us show how trends flow and ebb, with real-world evidence of the changes that have taken place.

Any questions about Inspire and the changes that are coming up, please drop me an email: