Benjamin Punchard
Benjamin is Global Packaging Insights Director, creating insightful analysis to enable packaging companies to grow and brands to maximise the power of their packaging.

In the macho world of performance protein power, where bulky black buckets of highly processed powders shout ‘power’ and ‘boost’, one brand has bravely stepped in another direction. Here Benjamin Punchard, Mintel’s Global Packaging Insight Director, looks at why Nutristrength making natural ingredients the star of their stand-out packaging is a move that will resonate with today’s younger consumers.

Benjamin Punchard is Global Packaging Insights Director at Mintel. Benjamin holds significant experience in conceiving, conducting and delivering quantitative and qualitative research and has worked with the leading multinational packaging companies to provide strategic market recommendations. Benjamin is regularly invited to present at global conferences and trade shows such as HBA Global Expo and The European Packaging Summit. Benjamin’s packaging analysis regularly appears in both national and trade media worldwide.