Natasha Kumar
Natasha is Mintel's Food & Drink Analyst based in Mumbai. She is responsible for analysing and providing insights on India’s food and drink market.

Recruiting site has launched a new campaign in India emphasising the importance of work-life balance. The campaign rolled out two short films urging young Indians to look for jobs that can offer them that much needed balance in professional working life.


In a humorous fashion, it highlights how work can take up a lot of a person’s time, leaving them with no time for themselves. In fact, Mintel research highlights that half of Indians plan to manage their time better in the next three years.

Addressing the pressures of fast-paced lifestyles

Amid rapid urbanisation and a fast-paced society, individuals, especially young adults, feel the constant need to outperform their peers. This “need” to succeed has caused people to put in much longer hours at work—sometimes way more than necessary.

As a result, there is a rise in dissatisfaction among employees in workplaces across India, which eventually affects productivity., through its campaign, has highlighted the importance of clocking out of work to get enough time to balance the other aspects of one’s life.

Room for brands to stay relevant

Mintel Trend ‘Slow It All Down’ highlights how the faster life’s pace is, the greater the need to slow things down once in a while. Consumers are looking for ways to relax and unwind, and are taking a step back from the frantic pace that comes with living a modern lifestyle.

Companies and brands in India have started to acknowledge the fact that consumers need work-life balance. And while initiatives are being rolled out to address this issue, there is still a long way to go. An emotional connection with consumers is essential for brands to stay relevant—and companies and brands can look at providing products specifically to target workplace stress like relaxing drinks or even on-the-go face masks, for example.

Brands have an opportunity to balance speed and convenience with experiences that do not feel too rushed. There’s potential to define quality in terms of time—be it through more attentive service, savoured experiences or matured products.