New Office

So we’ve been in our new London office at Pilgrim Street for 3 weeks now, although personally I’ve only managed 3 days due to touring to our Chicago and Shanghai offices. Being away for that time and then coming back in when everyone else has had time to settle has been interesting.

For a start you notice the change in the social dynamics of the organisation. The interaction between staff is amazing, the shared spaces where people lunch/coffee etc are used heavily. All sorts of new things have been introduced, from our new coat stands (very cool and colourful) to the truly flexible working conditions (not many people have sat at the same desk twice).

We all have direct dials, we have screens telling us the trains are running on time/delayed, we have a tardis (but you knew about that) and suddenly everyone is more accessible, more open, more just there to speak to and interact with. This is the biggest step towards true collaboration I have seen. Amazing to witness and even better to be a part of.

So it’s week 3. What will it be like in week 52? We’ll see. But one I thing we do know is that everyone is more enthused, more excited and more motivated to get up in the morning. Miss Long Lane? Not in the slightest.