Simon Moriarty
Simon is the EMEA Director of Trends, responsible for content, client servicing and commercial support across the region.

When it comes to getting feedback, we’re trying to do more to get our clients involved. It’s crucial that when we want to develop a project, the people that use our services are involved in letting us know what they need and want.

It’s all very well sending out an email or a questionnaire: but what do we really want? A checklist of things that we should or shouldn’t do? Or do we want to drill deeper and connect with our clients…

While in Le Merdien Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (get me), I noticed that the hotel didn’t label its feedback forms as ‘feedback’. Every card or note that was left in the room by housekeeping or room service was simply titled ‘Dialogue’.

It’s a small gesture, but an important one: we – and maybe all brands – should be creating conversations and starting a dialogue with our clients. If we can talk to the people that use our products about our products, the results can only help us improve. And by framing this as a two-way interaction, rather than a one-way ‘we ask, you tell’ setup, hopefully we can create long-lasting relationships.

And, with any luck, when our clients want to talk about the things that matter, they’ll talk to us.

It’s all about dialogue, really. What do you think…?