From the person that brought you million dollar homepage comes the website ‘do nothing for 2 minutes‘.

Of course, strictly speaking, you are listening to waves, and no doubt you’re still thinking about lots of things. You aren’t moving your mouse or reading your email though, so it’s a start.

What happens when we stop reading email or using the web? Maybe we do think a little bit more about things outside of ‘what am I trying to say in this email’. Maybe we start thinking about ideas, instead of just in responses.

Maybe it’s a chance for us to turn off for a few minutes. To ‘refocus’ to use an over and badly used word.

It’s not secret that many companies out there have allocations of creative time for their employees. Time allotted to pursue ideas (not necessarily in their sphere). It doesn’t work for everyone of course.

But 2 minutes, might improve the quality of work following that 2 minutes, it might give a moment of clarity, it might spark an idea, it might make you remember something, it might of course make you listen to waves for 2 minutes. Who knows? But for 2 minutes – it’s got to be worth a try hasn’t it?