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Los Angeles Times What does the color ‘nude’ mean now in an increasingly diverse world? “There isn’t just one ‘nude’ anymore,” says Shannon Romanowski, a category manager for research firm Mintel, which has headquarters in Chicago and London. “Brands are recognizing that women [and men] come in all shades, and there’s been a huge expansion in tones and foundations.”

USA Today From Chick-fil-A to 7-Eleven: Brands bank on unofficial holidays While the advantages for businesses promoting unofficial holidays are appealing, companies should really do their homework before launching a campaign, said Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at Mintel International Group. That means a detailed cost-benefit analysis, brainstorming channels to deliver the products that best serve the goal and working out the logistics.

Financial Times Mondelez sinks its teeth into China’s chocolate market Insight on consumer chocolate trends, provided by Marcia Mogelonsky, led a story in the Financial Times discussing Mondelez’s foray into the China market.

Time Magazine Bacon Jam Is the Hot New Condiment and Burger Topping of Your Dreams The burger-focused blog Burger Business cites data from the global market research firm Mintel indicating that “bacon jam” is the hottest thing going, with the phrase popping up on menus as a burger topping 50% more from 2013 to 2016.

Fotrune Why Cold Brew Coffee Is No Longer Just for Snobs Research firm Mintel estimates cold brew alone grew by 338.9% from 2010-2015. When combined with ready-to-drink coffee (which is prepared coffee in a bottle or can), the entire business is worth close to $2 billion in the U.S., and should continue to grow.

Forbes Cold Brews May Be Set To Heat Up Sales For Dunkin’ Donuts And Starbucks In a survey conducted by the research firm Mintel, cold brew was named the fastest growing beverage, with a 75% increase in consumption between 2005-2015. Moreover, at an estimated growth rate of 115% in 2014-2015, this market was worth $7.9 million.

AMA How Do Local Breweries Market Globally? Statistics from Mintel show a huge increase in imported beer’s share of the U.S. market, rising to 15.5% of the beer market in 2015. Craft beer has risen from almost nothing to 10.2% or 12.2%.

FoodNavigator US Grocery retailers compete with foodservice sector to grab US snackers, says Mintel report According to data by Mintel, 41% of surveyed consumers agreed that “packaged snacks from grocery stores are better than items from snack shops,” which means CPG retailers are stiff competition for the foodservice industry when it comes to satiating American’s craving to snack.

Food Business News Predictors of successful product innovation What makes a product truly innovative? Depends whom you ask. And, as it turns out, the industry and the consumer have differing views.

FoodNavigator EU What’s happening at #IFT16 ? Top food firms and international experts in food science have come together in Chicago to showcase the latest science, technology and innovation in the industry. We bring you the best social media highlights from the show.

Forbes K-Cups: The New Growth Driver For Starbucks? Market-research firm Mintel, expects consumers to spend nearly as much on coffee pods as they do on bulk coffee by 2020.

The Atlantic How Real Cheese Made Its Comeback The number of vegans in the U.S. has more than doubled since 2009, and more than a third of American households have increased their selection of plant-based foods. Vegan cheeses have also finally come into the limelight, with launches of vegan-cheese products rising by more than 118 percent in just the past few years, according to the Mintel Group.

Business Insider The diet industry is dying as a new mentality takes hold in America An October 2015 report from the market research firm Mintel noted “the diet industry faces downward pressure as US adults also remain skeptical of the ingredients in diet-specific products and their effectiveness in managing weight.”

Today A nutritionist explains why ‘free-from’ foods aren’t always good for you At least 84 percent of U.S. consumers buy free-from products because they are looking for more natural or less processed foods, according to Mintel, a market research firm. “Free” food products are everywhere, but not all are equally healthful — or necessary.


Financial Times ECB July rate decision – as it happens Nearly half of respondents in Spain said they thought the Brexit vote would have a ‘somewhat’ or ‘extremely’ negative impact on their own economy, according to a new survey by Mintel, the market intelligence agency.

Independent i Europe ‘more worried than UK’ Almost half of Spanish consumers (48 per cent) fear that Brexit will have a “somewhat” or “extremely” negative impact n their own economy, as do 41 per cent of Italian and Polish consumers, a Mintel survey of more than 7,000 people found.

London Evening Standard Brexit: Brits less concerned about vote’s impact than EU counterparts Just 39 per cent of Britons say they expect Brexit to have a bad impact on their own economy, the Mintel survey of more than 7,000 people found.

CNBC Europeans fear Brexit more than Britons: Report Spaniards, Italians and Poles are more scared of a hit to their countries’ economies from Brexit than Britons are about the impact on the U.K. economy, a survey from market research firm Mintel showed on Thursday.

Daily Mail UK retail sales suffer biggest fall in six months, no EU effect reported A Mintel market research report showed that while 39 percent of British consumers thought leaving the EU would hurt the economy, 25 percent expected to see gains.

The Drum Why Brexit could boost craft beer but hurt big beer businesses Should Article 50 and the UK officially leave the UK, it is unknown what and how trading laws will be impacted, but it will have a negative impact on the beer industry, according to Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel.

The Daily Telegraph Purple patch for lipstick in rush to perfect the ‘pouting selfie’ While sales of lip colour cosmetics grew by 8 per cent between 2014 and 2015, sales are predicted to rise by 12 per cent this year to £306 million, according to consumer analyst Mintel.

The Guardian Pout! Miracle of the selfie economy Business Consumer analysts Mintel put the increase done in part to the quantity that the full-lip look, popularised by Jenner, required.

Daily Mail Pouting celebrity selfies send lipstick sales soaring by 12% Around 40 per cent of women bought a lipstick last year, rising to 48 per cent among 16 to 24-year-olds, according to retail analysts Mintel.

The Times The delicious challenge of health foods Research from industry analyst Mintel released in January found that the value of the free-from food sector reached £470 million in 2015, with a projected growth of 43 per cent by 2020.

Metro Can’t boil an egg, so how about snails at breakfast? But they are the generation with the fewest basic skills, a survey of 2,000 by research analysts Mintel found. More than a third of them do not know how to season food and 39 per cent have no idea how long to cook meat to ensure it is safe.

Financial Times Big business identifies appetite for plant-based milk Caroline Roux, a food and drink analyst at Mintel, points out that nut-based milks have the benefit of being about more than just health and wellness.

The Observer Surge in sales fuels rise in ‘destination’ book shops Some analysts identify a cultural shift: “The migration to printed books is about people wearing their reading tastes on their sleeve. We had lost that. It’s like with mysic, and the resurgence in vinyl,” says Richard Cope, a trends consultrant at research firm Mintel.

The Times Why blow-dry bars are hot property According to the market research company Mintel, they are one of the top-growing trends in the UK beauty industry, with more than 50 per cent of women having visited a salon specifically for a blow dry in the past 12 months.

BBC Radio 4 You and Yours Emma Clifford discusses the rising of popularity of meal kits in the UK.


China Daily Brands chase China’s high-end lingerie market That means foreign brands will have to out-compete local brands not just on quality, but also innovation, said Matthew Crabbe, director at Mintel.

搜狐时尚 英敏特:面部护肤品将带领美容零售市场持续增长 根据英敏特报告《美容零售——2016年,中国》,过半(65%)消费者声称他们2015年面部护肤品消费比2014年增加了,包括60%的女性,这表明面部护肤品是整体美容零售市场的主要动力。其他和面部美容相关的市场也见证了消费者强劲的消费能力,比如美容保健品(52%)和彩妆(46%)也是消费者2015年增加支出的地方。

环球日报网 英敏特:面部护肤品将带领美容零售市场持续增长 根据英敏特报告《美容零售——2016年,中国》,过半(65%)消费者声称他们2015年面部护肤品消费比2014年增加了,包括60%的女性,这表明面部护肤品是整体美容零售市场的主要动力。其他和面部美容相关的市场也见证了消费者强劲的消费能力,比如美容保健品(52%)和彩妆(46%)也是消费者2015年增加支出的地方。

南方网 英敏特:面部护肤品将带领美容零售市场持续增长 根据英敏特报告《美容零售——2016年,中国》,过半(65%)消费者声称他们2015年面部护肤品消费比2014年增加了,包括60%的女性,这表明面部护肤品是整体美容零售市场的主要动力。其他和面部美容相关的市场也见证了消费者强劲的消费能力,比如美容保健品(52%)和彩妆(46%)也是消费者2015年增加支出的地方。

中国网 英敏特:面部护肤品将带领美容零售市场持续增长 根据英敏特报告《美容零售——2016年,中国》,过半(65%)消费者声称他们2015年面部护肤品消费比2014年增加了,包括60%的女性,这表明面部护肤品是整体美容零售市场的主要动力。其他和面部美容相关的市场也见证了消费者强劲的消费能力,比如美容保健品(52%)和彩妆(46%)也是消费者2015年增加支出的地方。

Shanghai Daily China slips into something a bit more comfortable US brand Victoria’s Secret will open its first store, and companies including Italy’s ultra-luxury La Perla and Germany’s Triumph are adding stores and moving beyond China’s mega-cities to tap a lingerie market that has more than doubled in five years to US$18 billion, according to Mintel Group.

荣格 英敏特发布《2016年中国消费者报告》 英敏特《2016年中国消费者报告》最新研究显示,2015年度中国消费者由于渴望提升生活品质,增加了几乎每一类的消费性支出。饮料市场的开支在2014—2015年间均显著增长;2015年度,由于更讲究品质的高收入人群对饮料的兴趣加强,约三成(28%)消费者的饮料开支比前一年增加了。

21food 食品标签发展需与时俱进 智能标签或成未来趋势 英敏特(Mintel)在《食品包装发展趋势:聚焦食品标签的报告》中指出,2015年,将近一半的美国消费者表示他们“经常读”产品标签上的信息,那么消费者究竟在食物标签上寻找什么呢?70%的购物者寻找食物包装上所列成分。如此高的关注度是一个明显的迹象,在包装上突出定位或功能成分信息应该是品牌的一个优先事项。

Shanghai Daily Chinese facial skincare market sparks radiance Facial skincare will remain a key driver of the overall beauty retail market because 65 percent of consumers said they spent more on facial skincare in 2015 compared with a year ago, a report by research firm Mintel said yesterday.

Shanghai Daily Robust beauty industry ahead thanks to more quality demand 65 percent of consumers say that they spent more on facial skincare in 2015 compared to 2014, indicating that facial skincare remains a key driver of the total beauty retailing market, according to research agency Mintel.

NDTV Profit British Retail Sales Suffer Biggest Fall In Six Months, No EU Effect Reported A Mintel market research report showed that while 39 percent of British consumers thought leaving the EU would hurt the economy, 25 percent expected to see gains.

21food 消费者日益增长的需求 有机成乳制品新焦点趋势 市场调查公司英敏特(Mintel)指出,有机产品的销售额可能的确处于增长态势之中,但是实际上消费者市场占有率貌似趋向稳定。越来越多的大型杂货店和超级连锁市场正致力于增加或者扩大有机产品的份额,然而有机产品及其饮料产品的这种普及态势有必要转化到市场占有率上来。

21food 传统谷物和种子将成为未来产品开发关注的焦点 英敏特全球新产品数据库的研究, 2014-2015年间,全球新推出的含奇亚籽的食品饮料总量提高了70%,含画眉草的食品总量提高了31%,含藜麦的产品总量提高了27%。美国目前已有41%的消费者吃过传统谷物类食品。除早餐产品外,研发人员目前还致力于将藜麦、苋菜等传统谷物添加到酸奶、能量棒、奶昔和披萨面饼中。

上海金融报 英敏特:未来5年中国消费年均增8.8% 英敏特近日发布的《2016年中国消费者报告》显示,2015年,由于渴望提升生活品质,中国消费者增加了几乎每一类消费性支出。报告显示,2014—2015年,中国消费总支出达317470亿元,人均消费约23095元,消费增速高于GDP增速。英敏特认为,这主要由于消费者对经济前景持乐观态度,且可支配收入不断增多(2015年增加了7.4%)。

光明网 英敏特:预计未来五年消费性总支出年均复合增长率8.8% 据英敏特《2016年中国消费者报告》最新研究,2015年中国消费者由于渴望提升生活品质,增加了几乎每一类的消费性支出。

荣格网 清洁标签和有机成乳品新焦点 市场调查公司英敏特(Mintel)指出,有机产品的销售额可能的确处于增长态势之中,但是实际上消费者市场占有率貌似趋向稳定。越来越多的大型杂货店和超级连锁市场正致力于增加或者扩大有机产品的份额,然而有机产品及其饮料产品的这种普及态势有必要转化到市场占有率上来。

红商网 报告:面部护肤依旧最好卖 56%消费者支出更多 根据英敏特数据显示,2015年中国消费总支出增长了10%(甚至超过了GDP增速),达317470亿元,即人均消费32089元。报告认为,这主要是由于消费者对经济前景持乐观态度,而他们的可支配收入也在不断增多,2015年增加了7.4%。

China Daily Gorging on healthful types of ice cream According to Mintel, although China overtook the US as the world’s largest ice cream consumer, the latter with far fewer people still managed to consume 5.8 billion liters – just 1 million liters less than China last year.


The Globe and Mail U.K. retail sales fall but merchants blame weather not Brexit A Mintel market research report showed that while 39 per cent of British consumers thought leaving the EU would hurt the economy, 25 per cent expected to see gains.

Canadian Grocer Why is everyone turning to turmeric? Market research firm Mintel flagged turmeric as a “superfood” of 2016, and online searches for turmeric grew by 56 per cent between November 2015 and January 2016, earning it the distinction of the “top trending functional food” in Google’s 2016 “Food Trends Report.”

Canadian Business The mobile gaming boom is a big opportunity for parental-control apps The “touch-screen generation” is still a huge, largely untapped market—2013 research from Mintel pegged these kids’ collective allowances alone at US$44 billion a year. Building useful parental controls is a fair price to pay for their favour.

Digital Journal Peet’s Coffee Unveils Super Premium Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew This move also taps current trends, such as the 2015 Mintel Coffee Report which notes that Cold Brew is an industry-wide sensation, growing 338.9% from 2010-2015, with 115% of that growth from 2014 to 2015 alone.

Maclean’s Everyone’s got yellow fever for turmeric We can’t seem to get enough of turmeric. Canada imported nearly 965,000 kg of the stuff in 2015, according to United Nations data, a 26 per cent jump from 2014 and double the amount from 10 years ago. Market research firm Mintel flagged turmeric as a “superfood” of 2016, and online searches for turmeric grew by 56 per cent between November 2015 and January 2016, earning it the distinction of the “top trending functional food” in Google’s 2016 “Food Trends Report.”

The Globe and Mail Hanging by a Thread The retail market grew 1.2 per cent to $48.3-billion last year, market research firm Mintel says.


Supermercado Moderno SM – Idosos querem comprar alimentos mais nutritivos “Mas 73% desses consumidores dizem que é difícil entender a informação nutricional disposta nas embalagens dos produtos. E 65% deles afirmam que os benefícios para a saúde impressos nas embalagens influenciam suas decisões de compras”, explica Stephanie Mattucci, analista global de alimentos da consultoria britânica Mintel.

O Globo Na crise, locação ganha adeptos e procura cresce até 90% Graciana Méndez, analista de consumo da consultoria inglesa Mintel, cita que o aluguel é uma das formas encontradas pelo consumidor…

Cosmetica News Mercado masculino: Barba, cabelo e… pele Outro indicador que foi escancarado, desta vez pela Mintel, vem de uma pesquisa realizada pela consultoria com relação aos desodorantes, mas que pode servir como exemplo para o movimento masculino como um todo. A pesquisa mostrou que 56% dos homens preocupados com a aparência buscam produtos que tenham um cheiro agradável.

Hotéis Cervejas Especiais ganham espaço na mesa dos hotéis De acordo com um estudo divulgado pela Mintel Agência de Inteligência de Mercado, o mercado de cervejas premium cresceu 36% nos ultimos tres anos no Brasil.

Jornal VS Na crise, procura por locaco ao inves da compra cresce ate 90% Graciana Mendez, analista de consume da consultoria Mintel, cita que o aluguel e uma das formas encontradas pelo consumidor para manter o nivel o de vida em momentos de crise economica.

Revista Hotéis Cervejas Especiais ganham espaço na mesa dos hotéis De acordo com um estudo divulgado pela Mintel Agência de Inteligência de Mercado, o mercado de cervejas premium cresceu 36% nos ultimos tres anos no Brasil.

Hoje Em Dia Sorvete Quero Mais cresce vigorosamente em um setor que faturou R$ 25 bilhões em 2015 De acordo com dados da empresa Mintel Group, especializada em pesquisas de mercado, até 2020 os segmentos gourmet e saudáveis de sorvetes deve atingir R$ 13,9 bilhões em valor e produzir 799 milhões de litros.


Handelszeitung Popcorn liegt immer mehr im Trend Noch immer sind laut Mintel-Umfrage in Deutschland Kartoffelchips und Nüsse mit Abstand die beliebtesten Snacks – aber Popcorn bewegt sich sukzessive von der Marktnische ins Rampenlicht, vor allem Popcorn mit Geschmack.

Portalspoż Czy słodycze organiczne opanują rynek europejski? Chociaż termin „organiczny“ nie kojarzy się z łatwością z rynkiem słodyczy, wygląda na to, że europejskie marki coraz chętniej w takich wariantach się rozsmakowują – badania Mintel pokazują, że Europa jest odpowiedzialna za 63 proc. nowych słodyczy organicznych wprowadzonych na świecie w roku 2015 – podaje serwis

Markenartikel Brexit: Negative Folgen für die Wirtschaft befürchtet Verbraucher in Spanien, Italien und Polen sind besorgt über die Folgen des Brexits für die eigene Wirtschaft, während Konsumenten in Deutschland und Frankreich sich weniger Sorgen machen. Das geht aus einer Analyse der Agentur Mintel kurz nach dem Brexit-Referendum hervor.

Gastroinfoportal Deutschland ist in Sachen Veganismus Vorreiter Deutschland ist in Sachen veganer und vegetarischer Ernährung Vorreiter in Europa, wie die Studie des Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel nun ermittelt hat. Wenn das Essen zur Religion wird Über 6 Prozent der neu in der Schweiz eingeführten Lebensmittel waren im vergangenen Jahr als glutenfrei gekennzeichnet. Noch vor fünf Jahren lag dieser Anteil bei knapp 2,5 Prozent, wie Zahlen des Marktforschers Mintel zeigen.

Portalspoż Lody bezmleczne zdobywają rynek i serca polskich konsumentów Z uwagi na rosnącą liczbę konsumentów, którzy wykazują zainteresowanie dietami roślinnymi, a także tymi, którzy po prostu chcą urozmaicić swoją dotychczasową dietę, istnieje potencjał do rozwijania pozycjonowania „bezmlecznego” na polskim rynku lodów – mówi serwisowi Honorata Jarocka, analityk z firmy Mintel.

Milch Marketing Schwere Zeiten für Lightprodukte Mintel zeigt darin auf, dass nur sieben Prozent der Deutschen speziell als “Light” oder “Diät” ausgewiesene Produkte konsumiert haben, um ihr Gewicht zu reduzieren oder zu halten.

Forbes La confianza en el entorno digital Según el informe American Lifestyles 2015 de Mintel, casi el 70 % de los consumidores online (y un 81 % de los Millenials) toman sus decisiones de compra basándose en análisis publicados por desconocidos. Londoner City: Kein Champagner mehr zum Mittag Das Umsatzvolumen von Restaurants im ganzen Land wurde von Marktforscher Mintel für das letzte Jahr auf etwa 36 Mrd. Pfund geschätzt.

BIOwelt Junge Verbraucher bevorzugen frische Bio- Convenience Laut einer neuen Untersuchung des weltweit tätigen Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel ist vorgeschnittenes und verzehrfertiges Gemüse bei jungen Verbrauchern auf dem Vormarsch.

Process Alimentaire Les 5 tendances payantes, selon Mintel Lors de sa matinee << Big Conversation >> organisee fin mai 2016 a Paris, le cabinet d’etudes de marche Mintel a fait ressortir les tendances de marche qui ont le plus anime l’innovation alimentaire en France en 2015.

Ernährung im Fokus Deutsche Millennials setzen auf Convenience Laut einer Mintel-Umfrage aus dem Jahr 2015 geben 26 Porzent der Verbraucher zwischen 16 und 24 Jahren und 27 Prozent der Verbraucher zwischen 25 und 34 Jahre an, sie würde für vorbereitetes Gemüse wir in Streifen geschnittene Karotten, gehackte Zwiebeln oder Pfannengemüse tiefer in den Geldbeutel greifen.

BarMag Spiritueux artisanaux Whiskey, gin, rhum… En 2016, de ceux lances dans le monde sont estampilles de cette facon. Comment expliquer pareil phenomene ? Lesquels caracolent en tete ? Retour sur une enquete realisee par MIntel GNPD (Global New Products Database).

Presse Report Snacks müssen gesund und aufregend sein Eine Umfrage des Marktforschungsinstituts Mintel hat ergeben, dass der Preis für den Kunden eine zunehmend untergeordnete Rolle spielt. Von 2012 bis 2016 ist der Anteil jener Deutschen, für die der Preis ein ausschlaggebender Faktor beim Kauf salziger Snacks ist, um elf Prozent zurückgegangen.

Rundschau für den Lebensmittelhandel Vorgeschnittenes Gemüse: Hauptsache frisch Laut einer Untersuchug von Marktforscher von Mintel sind 27 Prozent der Verbraucher zwischen 25 und 34 Jahren bereit, für vorgeschnittenes Gemüse wie gehackte Zwiebeln oder Pfannengemüse mehr Geld auszugeben.


The Australian Booze companies go on a health kick “Alcohol has long had a free pass,” said Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst for research firm Mintel. “People have said, ‘I’m drinking alcohol — I just want to have fun and don’t want to think too much about it’.”

Campaign Asia Six ways to connect with ‘Generation Me’ from Mintel Mintel’s new white paper, Individualism: The rise of Generation Me, points to the dramatic upheavals that have taken place in China since economic reforms began in 1979 and the shift in attitudes that have followed.

The Australian Competition squeezes diamond district Research by Mintel shows the internet has become an increasingly important retail space for jewellery, particularly among younger consumers.

The Times Of India People are incorporating coconut oil in their diet According to market analyst Mintel, coconut oil accounted for 26% of the food and drink products launched in 2012, up from 15% in 2008.

Business Standard UK retail sales suffer biggest fall in 6 months, no EU effect reported A Mintel market research report showed that while 39 percent of British consumers thought leaving the EU would hurt the economy, 25 percent expected to see gains.

Today Online Bottom line: brands chase China’s high-end lingerie market Matthew Crabbe MINTEL Asia-Pacific research director, said: “This means that foreign brands must not only excel in quality ground brand, but also in terms of innovation.”

The Australian Competition squeezes diamond district Research by Mintel shows the internet has become an increasingly important retail space for jewellery, particularly among younger consumers.

The Business Times Brexit’s bitter aftertaste empties London restaurant tables Last year, researcher Mintel estimates, UK dining establishments took in £36 billion.

Kompas Persaingan Produsen Lingerie Pasar Hi-End di China Kian Panas According to a report from Mintel Group, a manufacturer of sexy lingerie from the United States, Victoria’s Secret will open its first store in China.

Elle Blog Brands Chase China’s High-End Lingerie Market “That means foreign brands will have to out-compete local brands not just on quality, but also innovation,” said Matthew Crabbe, director at Mintel.

The Business Times Get a leather scent to match your LV bag More than half of them say that price is the best indication of quality when buying perfume, according to Vivienne Rudd, director of global innovation and insight, beauty and personal care at researcher Mintel.

Asia Food Journal Veganism boom in Europe New Mintel research finds “vegan” claims were featured on one in 10 (10%) newly introduced food and drink products in Germany in 2015, while only 6% were labelled as “vegetarian”.

GQ Thailand บำรุงสมองด้วยการทำ 15 อย่างนี้ Walk to catch on fast walking and talking to help burn fat. Creative development And increase performance as well. Will make it even more if sipping black coffee brewed by the cup Source: Mintel Trend Observations

My Paper Consumers melt for low-fat ice cream in China A 2015 report by research firm Mintel found that more ice cream – 5.9 billion litres – is eaten in China annually than anywhere else in the world.

The Business Times Java junkies in US drive global coffee demand to record “Consumers want new experiences with their coffee, and coffee houses and manufacturers are providing premiumized innovations and experiences with culinary influences,” said Elizabeth Sisel, beverage analyst at Chicago-based Mintel.