…and here our first update from Mintel’s newly formed 5-a-side team. This update would have been last week but for our 14-1 loss to some nobodies that we should have beaten. Much better this week.

Mintel Internazionale 3

PR-tak Moscow 2

As the final match before Christmas the air was tense with both teams desperately needing to put some points on the board before the Winter break. Following a turbulent week and a disappointing loss to a lacklustre Celebrity XII, it was time for Jack’s boys to come out and prove a point in this league, or at least get one on the board.

Internatzionale began very strongly, keeping formation well and ensuring fluid movement set them early as the dominant force. Simple playmaking from Barker and two goals from Hodkinson and Pease respectively gifted a 2 – 0 lead very early into the game; we were cruising.

It took a dangerous lunge, and the resulting Yellow Card (2 minutes in the sin-bin), to really open this game up. It was now 5 vs 4 until half time and PR-tak had a real opportunity to put Mintel under pressure.

Reflex saves from Laryea and the defensive rocks of Montes and Clarke ensured a half time clean sheet meaning both teams returned to the field with a full compliment in the second half. An early goal from PR-tak cut the margin to one goal, which made the following deflected equaliser all the more crucial to PR-tak.

At 2-2 something special needed to happen and the PR-tak goal took a real battering with shots flying in from all over the pitch. Eventually a breakthrough came in the final minute with rapid link up play leading to a late winner through the exemplary man of the match, Liam Hodkinson.

A deserved win and Mintel go in at the break with 3 points on the board.