Another great start to the week with a fantastic exclusive in the Daily Mail looking at how ‘our growing hunger for health is leading to a surge in the sale of probiotic yoghurt.’ The article features a quote from Mintel’s David Jago who says “Consumers are adopting a more pro-active approach to their health. Diversification in the ailments that functional foods deal with will create future sales opportunities.”

Meanwhile, Reuters, looked at how organic sales are performing. The article featured a quote from Mintel Senior Food and Drink Analyst Kiti Soininen who said “Rising food inflation had forced many consumers to reassess their spending priorities. She said competition from foods with other ethical credentials was also a factor in the decline in organic sales.” The story also made it to Guaravi

David Jago was quoted in The Grocer talking about how the UK sweetener market is set for Stevia invasion. “Big players in the soft drink market are likely to be among the first to react due to the relative ease of formulation,” said Director of Trends and Innovation David Jago.

On to beauty, Pure Beauty reported how some 32% of shoppers surveyed by Mintel said they had not changed their beauty shopping habits in 2010, while the Daily Mail discussed “The Camilla effect” and how UK bee venom face mask endorsed by Duchess of Cornwall creates