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“Even though blowing your own trumpet is not usually the done thing, this week we want to let our light shine through on our PR activity as latest Mintel findings on the energy drinks market in the UK have created a real stir in the media around the globe. According to Mintel’s Sports and Energy Drinks UK 2011 report, energy drinks are more popular than ever, and have become part of youth culture with the majority (73%) of 16 to 24 year-olds now drinking them regularly, compared to only three in 10 of over 55 year-olds. You can read the full press release here. Starting with the UK, The Independent and its sister publication The I dedicated a two-page spread to the issue, focusing on the connection between the workaholic British culture and the consumption of energy drinks. The story was also picked up by The Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro and the trade publication Beverage Daily which all extensively quoted our Senior Drinks Analysts Jonny Forsyth. The story created a splash not only in the UK but also in the rest of Europe: in Belgium it was covered by the popular newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, in Italy by the national Libero and the trade NewsFood, Androkronos and Yahoonews. Further afield still, The Australian Herald also highlighted Mintel’s findings.

But resting on laurels is not how we do things at Mintel – and we threw ourselves again into the news arena offering our expertise on a variety of topics throughout the week. Jonny Forsyth was quoted in The Guardian, this time on English wine, just in time for the harvest season. And, do you remember MAMILs – middle-aged men in lycra? The Guardian used our mamils story for a piece on the increasing number of middle-aged men choosing to get on two wheels. The same story was also featured in The Times while the Sunday Times used Mintel’s data on pet ownership in the UK for a piece on pet insurance.

With the first winter ailments already upon us, it is important to make sure we get our daily recommended vitamins intake. In this respect, The Sun used our figures to show how over a half of Brits do not take vitamins or supplements as they feel they get all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet. However,”