Mintel’s beauty experts have been live at NYSCC’s Supplier’s Day this week (booth 338). Missed our Anti-ageing Ingredients Review at the BASF stand? Read on for the key learnings.

1) Stem Cells:

Anti aging skincare using stem cell technology has grown rapidly since 2009. Europe is the dominant region for stem cell technology. Launches in Asia are not as drastic as western market.

2) Epidermal growth factor (EGF):

Asia Pacific is the leading region launching EGF in Skincare.

3) Snail Extract:

Anti-aging skincare with snail extract has gone up since 2010 in both Latin America and Asia Pacific. Snail extract is one of the most popular ingredients in South Korea in 2010.

4) The future:

  • Increased number of products with:

Stem cell activators Sirtuins activators Telomerase activators Neuro-cosmeceuticals

  • Complementary topical and ingestible skincare regimes – Top-up anti-ageing sprays for the face and body – Anti-ageing products to tighten skin after weight loss or over exercising