Focus on The Indian Beauty Market & Innovation in Mumbai

Tying in with the launch late last year of Mintel’s BPC (Beauty and Personal Care) platform and our ongoing expertise into the household sector, last week Mintel hosted the “Innovative World” display at HPCI India. Hosted by SOFW and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. It was a great event, and I recommend it as a starting point for anyone looking to enter the Indian Household & Personal Care market. As the first of what will be a good number of events in India for Mintel this year, it was interesting to see the differences in the way that events across Asia vary in their focus around the same industry.

Less than a month before, PCHI China was the big event, and was, by and large focused largely on Chinese Ingredients suppliers and to a lesser extent, manufacturers. Whereas HPCI seemed much more heavily focused on distributors. Many of the larger global firms work through middlemen in India, or are looking for them. Grant Industries runs its own shop in China, but is only working through a distributor at this stage in India, while in China many local firms are looking to partner with a global brand and supply them with ingredients. Many of the big companies also focus differently, while BASF was at both shows, their presence at HPCI was muted compared to the size and scope of their PCHI mardi gras.

The show ran over two days, the 15th-16th in Mumbai, and thankfully it is only the start of Summer there, because later in the year would be painfully hot. On the morning of the 2nd day, Ian Wilson, General Manager for ANZ & SE Asia gave a presentation on “Packaging – The most important of the P’s” the others obviously being (Pricing, Product, Position and ? a test for our readers) The presentation went over extremely well, with a good number of people approaching Ian after the show to discuss some of the concepts.

Overall, an excellent event with some presentations of great interest and an excellent atmosphere. Now on to FI China!

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