It’s a matter of weeks now until Mintel London rehouses itself in a larger, more open plan, exciting new office space in Pilgrim Street. There be plenty of reasons why we’ll miss Mintel @ Long Lane (mainly down to Nostalgia) but there are even more reasons why we’re looking forward to it.

Over the years our working styles have changed, but our space hasn’t, and so the development of large meeting areas, of a properly design and organised space, is potentially going to revolutionise the way we work.

An article about Skype’s new offices says ‘”The concentration zones (workstation areas) are pushed to the building perimeter and benefit from natural light and lower noise levels. Collaboration zones (meeting rooms, coffee kiosks, white board areas) are centered along main access spines on each level encouraging staff to literally “meet in the middle.” Contemplation spaces are interspersed in the form of overlapping casual lounges.” Sound familiar?

It continues, ‘Today, where creativity and collaboration rule, the 50s cube farm just isn’t going to suffice and pretty quickly you are going to find that your office space becomes the thing that’s holding you back from greatness’.

That sounds good. Greatness here we come.