Virtual Meeting

Well we’re all trying to get better at running virtual meetings and Penny Walker @ Facilitating change for Sustainability has written an interesting piece on this topic.

She has some great suggestions for how to make these meetings work (as we also all know that they have their challenges). Prior to the meeting they include…

  1. When designing the session keep it interactive – involve everyone.

  2. Check and double check the time differences between the locations

  3. Know the location, know the technology – take time to learn how to use it, how to alter the display screens

  4. Make friends with the IT team!

and during the meeting, an interesting point – keep a map of who has contributed and who hasn’t so you can invite contributions from those less vocal participants.

We’re pushing more and more video conferencing internally – the aim being to cut down on unnecessary flights.

The challenge is making virtual meetings as effective as face to face ones.