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Beauty That’s More than Skin Deep

Who can forget that scene in the Tim Burton Batman movie…the one where the Joker poisoned all the cosmetics in Gotham City, forcing people to appear just as they are–with all their natural wrinkles, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. Even the network news anchors, those paradigms of superficial beauty, were forced to show their true, unvarnished selves to the world. Ah, the horror.


Asian Shades

Luxottica is adapting the design of its sunglasses to better suit Asian faces.

Wine to Wind Down With

There’s been a rise in wines and wine website targeting mothers.

Farmville Gets Real

The UK’s National Trust is launching MyFarm, which will allow 10,000 people to get involved in managing the real Wimpole Home Farm in Cambridgeshire.

TV For All

RPM Miami is a new television program that combines English dialog with Spanish.

Shopping Through Algorithms

Online shopping sites are changing the way they offer goods to consumers.