Here’s some of what we have going on in Inspire this week

Supersizing Starbucks – Starbucks is launching a 31oz cup size called the Trenta. This is 7oz larger and 50 cents more expensive than the next size down, the Venti. It will only be available for cold drinks, iced coffee and iced teas.

Home Skills Gap – According to a study commissioned by the AA Home Emergency Response, DIY skills among men could be extinct by 2048.

Pimping up the Pizza Slice – Domino’s Smart Slice lunch program delivers fresh and nutritionally balanced pizza to U.S. schools.

Hyper-Parenting, Chinese Style – A new memoir of a mother’s ‘Chinese’ childrearing techniques has set the parenting world ablaze

In Blog We Trust – According to a survey from PR firm DeVries, blogs are twice as likely to shift beauty product purchases as magazines.

A Laptop Owner’s Existential Crisis – The way consumers think about consumer electronics ownership may soon be changing. Taking a leaf from Amazon and car manufacturer’s service models, retailer Best Buy is offering to buy back electronics from consumers within two years of the purchase.