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Cleaning up the Car Salesman

When parents sit their children down to talk to them about their future, it’s usually to convince them they can be all they want to be, achieve any dream they possess and become anything they put their mind to–as long as it’s not a personal injury lawyer, IRS auditor or car salesman, of course.


Home is where the Booze is

Kalhua has targeted the stay-at-home drinker with a new advertising campaign in the US.

Lucrative Latinos

In 2009, Latinos bought 300 million film tickets and went to more films per capita than any other demographic.


Gym-Pact is a gym payment concept that employs motivational fees to encourage members to exercise.

Seeking Japanese Cosmetics

Japanese cosmetics are finding favour abroad. According to an article from The New York Times, Western women are choosing to buy from Japan because of the superior quality of the products – even those at the cheaper end – when compared to U.S. beauty products.

Dealing with Extra Stock

Companies are turning to up-cycling as a way to make use of unwanted stock. One example saw Speedo donate 5,000 obsolete swimsuits to fashion designer, Orsola de Castro who turned them into a ten-piece collection of cocktail dresses.