Mmm hmm, might you maybe do so? (I’ll admit I stretched my attempt at alliteration via many m’s a little far with that one. Or did I? Check out that last sentence!)

The Mirren New Business Conference is just a week away, let’s celebrate! It’s going to be excellent this year, with presentations from industry experts, ample opportunities to network and learn, and of course, Mintel! Check out the conference homepage for more information:

  • Mirren New Business Conference
  • April 11-13, 2011
  • New York City, NY

As in years past, Mintel is co-sponsoring the Live Pitch Competition with Mirren. This year’s pitch product (top secret!) is a great one. It’ll get your mind working and your creative juices flowing instantly. Even if you aren’t competing, come watch the teams pitch to the death at 4pm. (Okay, not really to the death.) You will be able to watch your peers at work, hear feedback and of course, see how Mintel can make you smarter, savvier and better at winning new business. Don’t miss it!

Grace Cheow, Senior Trend Analyst, Mintel

Then on Wednesday the 13th at 11:15am, come see Mintel Senior Trend Analyst Grace Cheow present: How to Pitch Digital: Mintel Insights That Will Get You In The Door In The Digital Space. Grace will give attendees a fresh approach to pitching tech and digital. By analyzing consumer attitudes and behavior, Grace will dismantle your notions on how people view and use mobile and digital platforms.

We’ll have a team at the show, so please stop by and say hello. Can’t wait to see you there!