In Santiago, bicycle rentals are growing in popularity.

There are now more than 10 locations where consumers can rent bicycles in Santiago. Café La Bicicleta is one of these places; it rents out recreational bicycles and strollers for kids.

“I estimate that since last year there was a 100% growth in the number of bicycle rentals. This year we had to purchase six new bicycles (last year we had 10) to satisfy the demand.”

– Alberto Bravo, owner of Café la Bicicleta, to La Tercera News

Riding around the city

We have seen that attitudes toward ownership are changing and consumers are increasingly opting to rent and share instead of purchasing items such as bicycles, baby equipment and even tires. In Chile, this trend is also growing along with the growing popularity of bicycle riding in general.

The number of bicycle riders in Chile has been increasing 20% annually since 2005, according to the Chilean Association of Bicycles. In Chile, consumers are using bicycles and other alternative methods of transportation, such as skateboarding, to get to work, and the government is encouraging cycling as a healthier way to travel. For occasional riders, renting a bicycle is a much more affordable alternative.

Given the growing use of bicycles in urban environments, there is also room for retailers and foodservice providers to offer initiatives that stimulate the use of this method of transportation, such as cafés that offer patrons the use of a bike for the day or venues that are made for cycling customers.