Rimpie Panjwani
Rimpie is Mintel's Senior Beauty Analyst based in Mumbai. She specialises in analysing and providing insights on India’s beauty and personal care market and consumer trends.

As ownership of digital devices in India increases, so too does consumers’ reliance on them, particularly smartphones and tablets. They are everywhere, from the train to the bedroom, and even the toilet.

Latest research from Mintel reveals that more than half of Indian consumers own a smartphone due to the affordability of the device and the data plans. This has resulted in consumers being constantly ‘switched on’ both mentally and physically. This is observed by Mintel Trend ‘The Rules of Connection’ which discusses how constant connectivity requires new rules on what behaviour is appropriate and safe in both the online and offline worlds.

While the growing reliance on gadgets has led to changes in social behaviour, it has also caused health issues like ‘tech-neck’, ‘texting thumb’, and especially, eye problems due to the constant exposure to screens emitting blue light.

No more blues

A growing concern globally, consumers are now aware of, and concerned about, the harm caused by the blue light emitting from computer screens and smartphones. Increased exposure is known to cause fatigue, poor vision, dizziness and other eye-related problems.

Eyecare brands are now focusing on eye health and have started manufacturing and selling products that can safeguard people from the growing dangers of technology.

Lenskart.com, a homegrown online brand in India, has launched an ad campaign for its BLU Smartphone Lenses which claims to block blue light. The campaign features a fun take on how addicted today’s consumers are to gadgets and technology and is aiming to capitalise on the existing need for blue light defence. In a market dominated by traditional mom-and-pop spectacles stores, with only a handful of big brands from India like Titan Eyewear and Essilor India, Lenskart has the first mover advantage.

What we think

Given the impact of blue light on people’s health and wellness, ad campaigns, like that of Lenskart’s, will double up as a tool to spread awareness of the various health problems blue light can cause. Brands that actively work towards addressing issues related to blue light will find favour among consumers who are aware of its adverse effect.