A digital billboard has been developed in Australia that can determine the age and gender of passers-by and direct targeted advertising at them, according to an article in StartupSmart.

The billboard, developed by AdBidx, takes interactive digital billboards to the next level, providing advertisers with a means of increasing the targeting and hence efficiency of their advertising – something that traditional billboard advertising largely lacks.

Better data better results

One of the social benefits enabled by the advent of smart technology is the self-tracking and monitoring of our wellness, our property and our loved ones. We are now able to carefully monitor and correct our health and our state of mind, locate belongings and control the home, and keep track of the condition and whereabouts of family members.

But smart technology has put considerable power into the hands of authorities and brands – some of it good, eg using drones to keep a watchful eye over endangered animals in Africa, and some of it questionable, such as cheap and pervasive covert surveillance of citizens or tracking how much time staff spend in the wash room.

Although still in its nascent years, smart technology employed by retailers and marketers to monitor consumer behaviour is beginning to take off. Consumers are being watched and analysed as they wander through stores and malls, put petrol in their cars or when they simply stop and look at something.

Mintel’s research has found that bricks-and-mortar retailers in Australia’s $AUS265 billion (£144 billion) retail industry are experiencing increasing pressure from online retailers with their ability to collect masses of consumer data and serve highly targeted ads; AdBidx’s smart billboard goes some way to bridging the gap between the two channels.

To attract customers and keep them in the mall or store, retailers will need to increasingly resort to employing digital means, blurring online and offline services, and the tracking and monitoring of consumer behaviour, to provide consumers with more relevant, and therefore useful, advertising messages and personalised offers.