In difficult market conditions, when consumers are trying to make savings on their household budgets, We might expect to see consumers deserting big brands in order to save money. So why aren’t own-label washing-up liquids and dishwasher products mopping up market share? After all, they are cheaper and consumers could make quite substantial savings by switching.

Own-labels disappoint on performance

Even though 46% of purchsers agree that own-label dishwashing detergents are good value for money, only half of this proportion (24%) usually buy them. So the brands have a certain attraction that the own-label products are failing to match.

The main weakness for own-label products is perception of performance, as three in ten do not think own-label products perform as well as the branded alternatives. This is testament to the performance and marketing support of the big brands, which have built powerful reputations and reinforced it by continually innovating and improving their products.

Special deals muddy the dishwashing waters

Our research shows that special offers have a huge influence and persuade consumers to change their shopping behaviour. More than two thirds of purchasers take advantage of special offers to stock up on the products they use and over half (54%) think that branded products can be just as cheap as own-label when they are on promotion.

Underlining this, currently Tesco customers can pay 24p per tablet for Finish, 15 p per tablet for Tesco 5-in-1 tablets (a saving of 37.5%) and 6p per tablet for Tesco Value (saving 75%). But when Finish is on special offer, the price per tablet is cheaper than the Tesco own brand at 11p.

While the major brands continue to focus their marketing on the promise of superior results and support these efforts with great value point of sale deals, mass desertion to own-labels is unlikely.

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