Trend Observation: The Gay Guide

According to an article on the BBC, the British Museum has launched a gay history guide.
A Little Gay History was written by the curator Richard Parkinson and explores the artistic portrayals of what it means to be homosexual and the problems historians have when searching for records of same-sex desire.

“People often think that gay and lesbian history is a minority history, but of course it is part of humanity’s history. Sexual diversity is something that affects us all.”
Simon Russell Beale to the BBC


Something for everyone

Minority groups are gaining stature across the globe as political correctness becomes the norm and brands and businesses see the spending potential of these groups.

We’ve seen a Colombian company actively welcome disabled employees, homosexual citizens targeted with new retail launches in France and Canada make it illegal to discriminate against transgender citizens.

Here, the British Museum is attempting to appeal to homosexual museum-goers – and all consumers looking for diversity – by launching a guide specifically looking at the depictions of homosexual relationships in the museum’s collection. And there may be a market for more niche museum guides: According to Mintel’s Visitor Attractions UK October 2012 report, the number of people visiting museums dropped from 35% to 32% between July 2011 and August 2012. Expanded offerings and wider representations of diversity may go a long way to boosting attendance.

Other leisure and entertainment venues that position themselves as inclusive and actively try to cater to the needs and interests of as many different people groups as possible are sure to benefit from an increasingly open-minded consumer base.


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